As the team knows, Zackery will always be Matt’s favorite on the team. A three year old Akita Shepard cross, Zackery is always in the thick of things. He makes sure everyone is doing their work correctly, checks the farm perimeter often, makes sure the swimming pool temperature is correct – which requires several tests per day – and is always checking up to make sure Matt has not left the property without him.

Zack       Zack

Lori Beggs

    Lori grew up riding Western quarter horses, a habit that continues as our farm still has several quarter horses trying to figure out how to get on our exhibition schedule. Her professional horse training career started as an apprentice to legendary Hollywood trainer Glenn Randall Sr. Lori moved into dressage when she accepted a position with the Lipizzaner Stallion Show as a performer and trainer. Matt and Lori worked together for seven years with the Lipizzaner Show and continued to train together once Matt went out on his own. Most recently Lori has trained with Olympian Michael Poulin and German Olympic Committee Director of Training, Christoph Hess. Lori’s experience in training haute ecole, grand prix dressage, and reining makes her a strong addition to our training program. After 20 years with the Lipizzaner Show, Lori began working as a full time trainer with Matt McLaughlin Dressage in September 2011.  Lori has earned her USDF bronze and silver rider medals. Lori and her brother also own Innovations Farm, Matt’s home base in Saint Cloud, Florida.

Lori       Lori

Heather Black

   Heather started riding as a child on the hunter/jumper circuit in Montana.  Making the transition to dressage in her late teens, Heather was a working student for dressage judges Sonja Vracko and Anne Gribbons.  Heather was introduced to exhibition and haute ecole training when she joined Matt and Lori on the Lipizzaner Stallion Show.  In the 1990s, Heather obtained her law degree and became an analyst in Washington DC.  In 2010, she returned to the horse industry, joining Matt McLaughlin Dressage as a trainer and business manager.  In 2011, Heather earned her USDF bronze and silver medal rider awards and was a participant in the USDF ‘L’ education program.  In 2014, she earned her USDF gold medal.

Heather       Heather

Deirdre Teasley

   Deirdre has loved horses since she was a little girl. As an adult, she decided to make this love a reality by entering the Andalusian and dressage worlds with a vengeance. Deirdre started a rigorous training program with Paul Kathen and later teamed up with Matt. In 2008, she was the 3rd Level dressage Adult Amateur Champion and Reserve Freestyle Champion at Andalusian nationals. Now based in Florida, Deirdre has an impressive array of Andalusian mares and foals. As well as co-owning Enamorado, Deirdre is the genius behind our website and graphic design as well as our DVD production. See Deirdre’s graphic design and other art work at

Deirdre       Deirdre

Did you know?

The Spanish Riding School can look back on more than 430 years of rich history. It's the world's only institution that still cultivates classical dressage in the Renaissance tradition of the haute école to this day. Why is it called "Spanish"? Because Spanish horses were used when the Riding School was founded in 1572 and because Lipizzans are descended from Spanish horses.

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