Piaffe DVD

Piaffe In Hand DVD

Piaffe and Passage Simplified Volume I includes 2 DVD's!
The first is a step-by-step instructional and the bonus DVD is a Piaffe Passage clinic. Combined that's over 90 minutes of quality instruction.
Both DVD's for only $49.95!


Horse Tricks Volume I - Bow

As the former head trainer of the Lipizzan Stallion Show, Matt McLaughlin has taught literally hundreds of horses and their handlers how to take a bow. In this video Matt makes it fun and easy for anyone to learn!
Only $39.95!

Bow Kit

Bow Kit

This Kit includes the Horse Tricks Volume I – Take a Bow DVD as well as a hobble and lead rope to get you started.  Price:  $59.95

Cue Stick

Cue Stick

Matt created this 48 inch fiberglass training stick for use in training horses from the ground.  The soft rubber handle and balanced design make it easy to use.  The non-flex stick provides resistance without the sting of a regular whip allowing for better control when training tricks or piaffe and passage.  Price $35.00


   Breyer Horse - Pecos

   Our Andalusian stallion Pecos was selected as the 2011    Breyerfest Celebration horse.  This model of Pecos, signed    or unsigned, is a limited edition and only available while    supplies last.  Price  $75.00



"A horse will never tire of a rider who possesses both tact and sensitivity because he will never be pushed beyond his possibilities."

~ Nuno Oliviera

Piaffe In Hand
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