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ABI Absolute - TR3 Arena Drag      

    In his early 20's, Matt drove heavy equipment used to build roads. The experience has made him exacting in his requirements for an arena drag. He does not just want a drag, he wants a piece of equipment that can level and grad arena footing, redistribute material, and cut through any packed areas. ABI Absolute's TR3 Rake with the Profiler attachment satisfies all those needs. To Matt's glee, the multi-use TR3 can also be used to level paddocks and grade gravel driveways.

Nutramax Labs - Joint Supplement

    Matt has found that Cosequin ASU is the most effective supplement for keeping our 26 year old exhibition specialist Coral ready to rear. Cosequin ASU has also made a visible contribution to maintaining joint health for Pecos under the demands of his competitive and exhibition workload.  We have also had amazing success with Nutramax’s equine digestive support, Proviable-EQ in both paste and powder forms.

Mane 'n Tail - Grooming

    Mane 'n Tail products tops our list for grooming needs. The Spray-Away Concentrate Body Wash and sprayer make bathing easy and quick. Spray 'n White keeps our white horses super white, without any hints of purple often left by other products. It also works magic in brightening our dark horses.  The Detangler and Spray ‘n Braid are also excellent products in keeping our fabulous Andalusian manes easy to handle.  On the medical front, we have had great success with Mane n’Tail’s Mineral Ice and Wound Cream.

Flintwood Metals - Stalls

    In 2009, Flintwood Metals custom fabricated very high quality stall fronts and grills for our barn at Innovations Farm.  Flintwood’s product has stood up to the rigors of Florida’s extreme environmental conditions and the destructive tendencies of some of our equine residents.


Kifco - Water Wheel Arena Irrigation

    After much research, Matt selected Kifco’s water-reel for our arena watering needs.  This solar powered system is easy to use with variable speeds for different saturation.  The powerful sprinkler head provides even coverage that has an adjustable range.

ABI Absolute

Mane 'n Tail




Flintwood Metals


"If the rider is not in harmony with the nature of the animal, then it will perform as a burden with no display of pleasure."

~ Xenophon

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