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Positive Repetition in Training

Just like humans, horses learn through repetition in training.  Repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat again until whatever movement or skill you are training becomes automatic, like a habit.  According to sports psychologists, it takes 300-500 good repetitions for a person to make a physical movement a habit.  It takes 3,000-5,000 repetitions for a person to break a bad habit of movement.  This is an important concept when training your horse.  If your horse is not doing the movement correctly and you cannot correct it within a few steps, stop what you are doing, regroup, and begin again.  The more you practice a movement incorrectly, the more you are teaching the horse, through repetition, that the incorrect movement is what you want.  It is better to have two steps of a correct movement followed by an immediate reward and regrouping, then ten steps of a movement done incorrectly.